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Claire Whittaker AIC

Brand Refresh

February 2021

Claire still loved many parts of her former branding for AI Claire - the circle monogram mark and some of the icons in particular courtesy of the design agency Lemon and Birch out of Wales, UK.

As her business was moving in a new direction, it was time to bring her name front & center plus refocus the design around her consulting work. 

With the refresh came a brand new palette, font styling and a smart but chill wordmark as seen here. 

"Vanessa was very good at taking my ideas and making the vision reality without too much input. This is important for me as I have very little time. She provided a lot of resources which made it really easy for me. I feel ecstatic! It is just what I wanted. It feels like the perfect transition into being full time in business. "

Claire Whittaker

WordPress + WooCommerce Web Design

Quirky, empowering, creative & caring.

Claire's new website gives her audience a sense of the efficient and fun experience they'll have when setting up systems for their business. Our goal was to create a space where her customers will feel welcome and safe to get in touch, invest in her course or purchase items from her shop. 

View her website here.

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