We’re a branding and web design studio courageously committed to supporting founders focused on being leaders in their industry. Through our nurturing design process, we artfully create space for you to reach confidence, clarity, and freedom in your business so you can focus on the work you love.

We get it: designing for your business

We get it: designing for your business can feel

That’s why VBC does things differently.

daunting & difficult.

(Maybe you’ve settled for a look that’s just… mediocre?)

can feel

It may seem out of reach, but you’re closer to a uniquely you brand & website than you think…

And so, I’m delighted that you’ve landed here!

Wowing visitors as they land on your site & warmly welcoming them into your world.

Making readers feel an instant connection with your brand so they want more & can’t get enough

Giving guests a cosy online space to linger while gently guiding them to inquire for more.

Imagine knowing your online presence is working for you by:

At VBC, we believe branding infused with meaning and shared consistently will resonate deeply with your people and endure the test of time.

I’m Vanessa Bucceri, and I work with ambitious service professionals who are ready to uplevel their brand identity so they can flourish in business.

I show style-minded business owners just like you how to connect with your audience through artful branding & web design - all while truly listening to your vision and intuitively bringing it to life.

With formal education in Interior Design plus certificates in coding, WordPress development & visual design through Skillcrush, I have served over 80 business owners since opening VBC in May of 2018. 

Our clients include published authors, educators, public speakers, influencers, and top performers in their fields of work who hail from Vancouver, Canada to London, UK and many places in between. 

We were featured on episode 4 of the WebSavvyPro podcast and our work was selected by the team at Showit for publication in the book Spark Vol 4. A Creative Anthology.  

Today, I continue to offer one-on-one brand and website design experiences for generous founders who want to expand their impact through cohesive and compelling visual identities.

3 | Implement & Celebrate

2 | Design & Refine

1 | Discovery & Direction

3 simple steps to a brand & website you love.

Here’s the holistic process

You’ll get in touch via our inquiry form and, after a virtual consult, we’ll dive deep into brand discovery & creative direction.

We’ll settle into our pursuits, designing & refining with plenty of opportunity for input & collaboration along the way.

We’ll bring it all to life through collateral & web. Then you’ll share it - and your newfound sense of confidence - with the world! Ready for bubbles?

inquiring today

Get started by...

Anita ngo

"My IG page has 1000% improved. Since posting with my new templates, I’ve gained 5 bookings in 2 weeks. I feel like I’m able to present myself in a professional manner and I am grateful to have had your help to get to the right direction."

Lorrie Lam

"If you’re looking for professional and efficient service, Vanessa Bucceri is the perfect one! She’s very talented, kind, knowledgeable and is a pleasure to work with! Our project completed in a timely manner. Her quality of work exceeded my expectations."

Andrea Lepik

"Vanessa created a seamless, stress-free experience to designing our new website. I appreciated the detailed and thoughtful step-by-step introduction to her process. Vanessa’s guidance helped me stay on track and made my decision making easier. Thank you for all the hard work Vanessa!"

Nhi Li

"The service from beginning to end was second-to-none and no stone was left unturned during the process. It was a wonderful experience and the debut of our site was met with such positive feedback from our colleagues, clients, and friends."

Glowing feedback from VBC clients.

When you love what you do, it shines bright in the work.

At the heart of all we do are our core values & a love for everything Italian!

Here at VBC we believe in empowerment, sincerity, artistry, and courage.

It lights us up inside to empower you to live your purpose and share your gift with the world.

We strive for beauty and quality in our artful designs, to help you be seen as a leader in your industry.

You can be sure that we stand behind our words and actions. We conduct business with sincerity and generosity because we care immensely about our work and the goals of our clients.

We embrace uncertainty with courage because we know it’s not easy to build a business on your own but the results are so worth the effort.





Get brand clarity by…

Your distinctly unique threads have shaped who you are and how you do business.

Defining your bespoke style.

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