Hi! Vanessa here... 

I serve creative entrepreneurs through business branding and web design. I love to showcase your amazing talents through compelling and meaningful visual storytelling. 

I am honoured that my clients trust me with the creative direction of their businesses and feel so lucky to be able to communicate their messages in a way that fosters connections with their dream customers. I hope I can do the same for you!

Success for me is setting up you to succeed.

These days you can find me at my townhouse in South Surrey, BC, sipping coffee at my desk with my dachshund at my feet. While my little one is at school, I get to follow my dreams of helping others through my work. 

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I was never the person that had any clarity on what I wanted to be when I grew up. My twenties were filled with indecision and fear of taking the wrong path, flipping back and forth between the pursuit of a career in the sciences versus a career in design. 

In the end, I choose neither and took a job that allowed me to start a family, foster lifelong friendships and find my confidence. After 12 great years in the corporate world, I realized I could do anything I put my mind too and that I was capable of so much more. 

Have you ever looked back to realize that life had been preparing you for something all along?

I finally believed in myself and was brave enough to follow my dreams!

As I start to close the door on my thirties, all those skills I learned while pursuing art, science and corporate life - they’ve prepared me for this very moment.

I'd love to help you stand out online with memorable branding, Engaging web design.


You believe in making a great first impression. Your website is the storefront of your business. It takes visitors 3 seconds to form an opinion of your site. Let's knock their socks off!


You believe in being authentic online.
People buy from people so let's get them buying from you!


You have a good understanding of your Ideal Customer so we can design with the user in mind. If you are trying to speak to everyone, you'll speak to no one.


You can't wait to put pen to paper and come up with your website copywriting. Don't worry - I'm here to mentor and support you through it with lots of tools and strategies along the way.


You may love someone else's website and it may be perfect for them but that doesn't mean it will serve your business well. You are excited to create something uniquely you!


You want a thoughtful website with nuanced details that reflect your own attention to detail in how you serve your customers day in and day out.


You're game to make an occasion of it all and celebrate in style on launch day. Mimosa? Heck yes!


Let's partner up!

You made it through all of these?
We are totally a match!



Reasons Why We'd Be A Good Match


My biggest supporters and the heart of #TeamVB is my family. A special thanks to my hubby of 10+ years, Nino, for supporting me as I follow my dreams. Also to our amazing little boy, who fills my heart with so much joy.  




This Polish girl loves all things Italian


Pepperoni, mushroom & green peppers or Prosciutto & Arugula

Fav Toppings

I used to drive a scooter!


My mom called me her "Noodle Monster"










Cinque Terre


Lake Como


Bucket List


Served on the rocks



Espresso on Gelato



Nino & Renzo

Awesome! I'd love to set you up with an online presence of your very own. We'll dream it, design it and build it.

Still here?

 I can't wait to see what we can create together.

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