Imagine knowing your online presence is working for you by:

Wowing visitors as they land on your site & warmly welcoming them into your world.

Making readers feel an instant connection with your brand so they want more & can't get enough.

Giving guests a cosy online space to linger while gently guiding them to the buy now button.

It may seem out of reach, but you’re closer to a uniquely you brand & website than you think...

And so, I’m delighted that you’ve landed here!

At VBC, we believe branding infused with meaning and used consistently will connect deeply with your people and endure the test of time.

I show service professionals & lifestyle e-commerce founders just like you how to connect with your audience through intentional branding & web design - all while truly listening to your vision and intuitively bringing it to life.

How do I know? Because, since launching my studio in the spring of 2018, I’ve served small business owners from Vancouver, Canada to London, UK.

You can have a cohesive and contemporary brand + website that you’re excited about.

My clients have ranged from Make It! Creator Jenna Herbut to Vancouver Public Relations CEO Andrea Ng and Queen of Glam Event Planner Kavita Mohan.

I'm Vanessa Bucceri.

And many of my past experiences make me especially qualified to help you too.

I have formal education in Interior Design & served over 200 designers while in the textiles industry.

I spent 12 years at a communications company, working with great leaders & team members who helped shape how I approach project work today.

I've completed online coding, WordPress development & visual design bootcamps through Skillcrush.

I’ve continued to learn from other experts in the industry by completing courses such as: Amplify Shopify, Showit Design Standards, Design Business Mastery, Flawless Typography, Copywriting for Creatives, Copyhackers Copyschool, Google Analytics, Ship30for30.

In addition, I’ve built a network of developers, writers, marketers, strategists, photographers and other service professionals. Whether you’re looking to work with me or a team of skilled specialists, I’m always happy to share my connections with my clients.

You may have seen me featured here:

Here’s a peek, both in my words and those of past clients:

What’s it like stepping into my world?




She is professional, she listens, she understands your business, she goes beyond expectations with every detail.”

Tiana, The Base Coat

She was thorough right from the start, asking thoughtful questions to get a deep understanding of the outcome I was looking for.”

Stephanie Poole

Always the quiet, introvert growing up, I learned to listen and observe the world and others around me. And thus, my design process has relied on this innate ability to listen to my clients, intuitively understanding their vision and bringing it to life.

01. A Listening First Approach

You are amazing at what you do. You are very thorough, knowledgeable and very generous.”

Kristina, KMN Events Co.

I don't think anyone will get a more hands on approach from anyone else like you do.”

Kadie Bloom

Sometimes a fresh perspective can find strategically creative approaches to your problem. My nurturing approach ensures thoughtful solutions and an intentional design experience with enduring results.

02. Nurturing

The entire process has been wonderful! You've made this incredibly daunting and overwhelming task fun & exciting!”

Janelle The

Vanessa was patient with me, and took the time to create a site that I truly love.”

Jenna Herbut

Design is a solution to a problem. Understanding the problem requires communication and working together to uncover effective solutions. Therefore, collaboration is at the heart of good design and I’m in the business of producing great work for my clients.

03. Collaborative

01. Dream it.

02. Design it.

03. Build it.

You’ll get in touch via my inquiry form and, after a get to know each other virtual first date, we’ll dive deep into brand discovery & strategy.

We’ll craft & refine the brand + web design with plenty of opportunity for input & collaboration along the way.

We’ll bring the designs to life through collateral & web. Then you’ll share it - and your newfound sense of confidence - with the world!

Here’s the holistic process:

3 simple steps to a brand & website you love.

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Our Values

La Passeggiata is the simple, yet charming tradition of taking a stroll along the main town square once work is done for the day. Italians of all ages gather as a community, dressed to impress, while leisurely walking back and forth to see and be seen.

While this social tradition is about making a good impression, it’s also about uniting people together.

At the heart of all we do are our values & a love for all things Italian!

At VBC, we empower others & build community by listening, nurturing and encouraging.

You deserve to live your purpose and share your gifts with the world. If you have an entrepreneurial dream, there’s a place for you to belong.


We strive for beauty & quality craftsmanship. Our artful designs help our clients be seen as leaders in their industries.

First impressions matter when it comes to your website and reputation is important in business. Just as La Passeggiata is about being seen, we want you to be seen at your best online.


We’re sincere with our words and actions. We share what we genuinely feel & believe because we care immensely about our work and the goals of our clients.

Italian social etiquette is steeped in tradition where reputation and consideration of others is important.


We have the courage to take brave & bold action while embracing uncertainty to be & do better.

Building a business starts with a deep desire to create something you believe in. Sharing something so personal with the world is scary. But when you show up confidently, in the Italian way, it’s easier to stand proud and be seen.


Your distinctly unique threads have shaped who you are and how you do business. Get clarity by:

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Vibrantly designing brands and websites with meaningful creativity.
For big-hearted, graciously ambitious & style-minded entrepreneurs worldwide from South Surrey, BC, Canada. 

Share your story, sell artfully.