Welcome to my resource page: a collection of tools, apps, communities, courses and more that have helped me get to where I am today or that I use in the day to day operation of my business.

Before checking them out please know some of the links are affiliate links. This means if you click on them and decide to make a purchase I will get a commission. This commission comes at no extra cost to you. I have experience with these recommendations and list them because they've helped me & my clients. I hope you will find them useful as well!

Resources to help you succeed in business.


My pick for the best platform to grow an e-commerce business. Use the link above to get started or send me a note to test it out.


A really great web platform I love so much I based my business around it! Click here to get 1 month free.


My go to for Wordpress hosting. Great support, love the performance, complimentary optimizer plugin and user dashboard makes managing your site a breeze.


A WordPress theme that turns your site into a web builder. Start with a template & customize from there. I build my client WP sites on DIVI.

DIVI WordPress Web Builder


Social Squares

A photo membership service which I personally use and love. Unlimited monthly downloads of stunning images and business content included.  Perfect for those that want to be present on Instagram.


Check out MOYO studio for the most gorgeous mockups that will truly make your design projects stand out. Also great for displaying any kind of digital content from courses to Instagram feeds.

I use Dubsado to manage my entire client process, from contact form to project completion & beyond.Your first 3 clients are free and use code vbcreative for 20% off your first month or year.




Organize your life with Notion. I switched in April of 2021 and haven't looked back. Better yet, level up your Notion skills with this fabulous course, Notion Mastery. Seriously a deep dive into systems and productivity like no other!

My pick for the best platform to grow an e-commerce business. You'll love how user friendly it is, the amazing Shopify support and so much more. Use the link above to get started or send me a note to test it out for free through my developer account.



Bold Apps

Extensions for your Shopify store, use Bold apps for subscription services, loyalty programs, upsells and more. 

Learn from the best and get access to a supportive community of fellow designers. If you're ready to scale, raise your rates and feel more confident in your design business this course is for you! Say Vanessa sent you on your application. Thanks so much!

for Designers

Design Biz Mastery


Looking for a way to present your work using stunning mockups? Check out MOYO studio for the most gorgeous mockups that will truly make your design projects stand out. 

Social Media

A photo membership with unlimited monthly downloads of stunning images and business education included.  Perfect for those that want a well curated Instagram feed.

Social Squares

What I use to schedule my Instagram content. Use my link to get an extra 10 posts every month on the free plan.

Later for Instagram

Tailwind for Pinterest

What I use to plan & schedule all my Pinterest content. Use my referral link to get $15 off or 1 month free.

My go-to for email marketing. Flodesk is easy to use & gives you lots of design options to create stunning emails. Use my link to get 50% off your subscription.

Email Marketing



Say hello to new customers with Interact. Qualify and segment your email list with a quiz! Speaking of quizzes... have you taken mine? 

One of the best skills you can have as an entrepreneur is the ability to write. I took this course to learn how to be more impactful with my online writing. I was blown away with how much more I got out of it - namely, what to write about, how to clearly communicate my ideas, a supportive community and so much more.

Personal growth

Ship 30 for 30

My secret to brands that sparkle with specificity - revealed.

Take the quiz

It all starts with setting the tone for what's to come. Define your style, attract your ideal customer and create enduring connections with your audience. 


Vibrantly designing brands and websites with meaningful creativity.
For big-hearted, graciously ambitious & style-minded entrepreneurs worldwide from South Surrey, BC, Canada. 

Share your story, sell artfully.