You’ve spent weeks, months, maybe even years, trying to piece together a professional visual identity with results that fell flat — when all you really want to do is find clients so you can focus on the work you love.

Why settle for branding that represents who you used to be when you can embrace a look that shows who you are becoming?

Let us help

A cohesive brand and website are within reach. 

Your business is meaningful and special.

It started with a dream to follow your passion and generously help others. It got off the ground with courage and perseverance. Now you’re ready to show up impeccably and make a lasting impression.

It’s time for branding & web design that truly reflects the quality of your offerings, so you can stand out as the trusted professional that you are…

… and build a fulfilling business that makes your heart sing.

Transform your Brand Identity. (Perfect for the ambitious and discerning business owner just like you who wants to be adored - not ignored.)

Our proven, branding and web design process has helped more than 80 business owners walk away with:

Seeing your brand elevated will reignite your passion for your work in a fulfilling way. Gain a renewed sense of motivation and fall further in love with the work that lights you up inside.


A well-defined visual identity will provide you with the tools to represent yourself clearly while also differentiating you as the unique and generous expert you are.


A unified look that is true to the heart of your business and builds trust with your audience because every touch point they experience will be harmonious and on brand.


Let’s put your best online face forward:

Option 01 | Brand Design

We’ll guide you through our nurturing and collaborative 5-step branding process starting with a good pause for reflection and discovery. Understanding the deeper meaning of your business will help us create a visual identity that connects with your audience and uplifts your brand.

Timeline 4-6 weeks

Your experience will include: 

  • Our brand discovery questionnaire, honed since 2018, is full of prompts to get the creative juices flowing
  • Core values, brand vision and brand personality statements
  • Target audience excavation including demographics, problems, needs and solution statement
  • Competitor Landscape visual overview because your business doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

  • Colour palette, typography styling, and a full suite of logo marks so you will be on brand in every situation
  • A 20+ page Brand Style Guide PDF so you’ll know how to use your new visual identity with confidence 
  • Add on options to maximize our time together: social media design, print materials, and photography direction

Option 02 | Brand & Template Website Design

First, we’ll guide you through our branding experience before transitioning to website design. We'll source and style the perfect pre-designed template to match your new brand seamlessly. The result will be a responsive, SEO-friendly website that connects with your ideal customer.

timeline 8-10 weeks

Your experience will include everything in Option 1 Brand Design plus: 

  • Customization of a pre-designed website template we'll select together.
  • 3 website platform options to make sure we set you up for the best possible long term success: Squarespace, Showit, Shopify. Don’t worry, we’ll help you decide!

  • Sitemap planning and pages of your choosing such as: Home, About, Services, Contact, Blog, Shop, etc. 
  • Our Website Words PDF Guide to help you write your website or add on copywriting support with our trusted brand partners.

Option 03 | Brand & One-of-a-Kind Website Design

First, we’ll guide you through our branding experience before transitioning to website design. Starting with a beautiful blank canvas, we’ll create order by structuring your website using story frameworks and conversion principles. The result will be a one-of-a-kind, SEO-friendly, website that connects with your audience and showcases your undeniable expertise.

timeline 12+ weeks

Your experience will include everything in Option 1 Brand Design plus: 

  • Uniquely you custom website design and development
  • 3 website platform options to make sure we set you up for the best possible long term success: Squarespace, Showit, or Wordpress. Don’t worry, we’ll help you decide!
  • Sitemap planning and pages of your choosing such as: Home, About, Services, Contact, Blog, Shop, etc. 

  • Our Website Words PDF Guide or add on conversion copywriting with our trusted brand partners. Professional copywriting recommended with our One-of-a-Kind Website Design Experience.

3 | Implement & Celebrate

2 | Design & Refine

1 | Discovery & Direction

How Does It Work? Here’s the Holistic Process.

the process

You’ll get in touch via our inquiry form and, after a virtual consult, we’ll dive deep into brand discovery & creative direction.

We’ll settle into our pursuits, designing & refining with plenty of opportunity for input & collaboration along the way.

We’ll bring it all to life through collateral & web. Then you’ll share it - and your newfound sense of confidence - with the world! Ready for bubbles?

contacting us

Get started by...

Kernels of kindness from trusted VBC Brand Partners.

“Vanessa is one of my go-to’s for brand identity, graphic design and marketing collaboration. She’s extremely skilled and able to understand brand quickly in order to create a visual identity that feels right. I’ve loved Vanessa’s process as well as her spirit. She’s able to embody a brand from the get-go, delivering visuals that our clients have been thrilled with. I’ve referred Vanessa multiple times and will continue to do so!”

“We have successfully worked on more than 6 projects together, and in each and every case I have been blown away by Vanessa’s generosity of spirit, commitment to her craft, and dedication to her clients. More than simply a collaborator, Vanessa is someone that I look up to and admire as a business owner and friend. You won’t regret working with her, I guarantee it.”

Elim Kwok digital marketing consultancy

Victoria, wordplay creative

We can work together in an effortless cadence to finally get you the brand and web design that not only meets but exceeds your every expectation.

Find out if we’re right for you.

You could continue to DIY parts of your brand and website only to have it feeling flat and disjointed. 

You know relying on friends and family for favours without a solid vision and strategy is not going to get you what you want.

If only you could ignore the issue and simply do nothing but that sinking feeling you get every time someone asks if you have a website tells you this isn’t the way. 


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As a boutique design studio, we work with a select number of clients each year and accept 3-5 projects per quarter. Spots typically book out 2-8 weeks ahead. Please contact us today to ensure we can accommodate your launch dates.

What they said - VBC client feedback


"The entire process has been wonderful! You took random ideas I had and created a brand identity that beautifully reflects my personality and the values and mission of my business. You’ve made this incredibly daunting and overwhelming task fun and exciting!”

kavita mohan

"​​Working with Vanessa has been one of the greatest experiences in my career!"

Claire Whittaker

"My website is now gorgeous! I love sending people there to learn more about my business and offers. I booked 2 discovery calls in the first 2 days - both through my website. I feel ecstatic! It is just what I wanted. It feels like the perfect transition into being full time in business.”

How do we ensure great design?

Our creative process has a natural ebb and flow where we work together to distill and refine from first concepts to final product. Sometimes we get it right on the first try or sometimes it takes 2-3 rounds of revisions. Regardless, we check in with you every step of the way to see if you’re ready to move forward or would like to continue refining. Our open communication and feedback loops ensure your utmost satisfaction.

Hi, I’m Vanessa. Founder and Creative Director here at VBC.

We’re a boutique studio offering brand and web design with a nurturing, collarborative approach. 

“Thousands of beautiful websites have been created with Showit, so we curated and published 50 of our favorites in this elegant hard-bound book.”

Our custom web design for Kavita Mohan Wedding & Events was featured in the 4th volume of Spark: The Creative Anthology.

In fact, our designs are so great we’ve even been published!


Our expertise and offerings are a great fit for aesthetically conscious business owners who value exceptional service and understand the impact of meaningful brand and web design.

We love to work with and empower fellow service providers to take their businesses to new heights. And sometimes that means we’re assisting in your transition to e-commerce or online education too!

If you just want a logo, you won’t find that here. 

Our client roster includes:

Interior Designers, Architects, Photographers, Videographers, Realtors, Home Finishing Experts, Wedding Planners, Writers, Financial Professionals, Therapists, Medical Professionals, Coaches, Public Relations, Musicians, Beauty Experts, Spiritual Mentors, Compensation Consultants, and more! 

Many of our customers seek us out because we don’t serve one specific niche. They are looking for something that breaks their industry mold so they can be an original in their field.

Sound like you too?

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how long is the process & what's my time commitment?

Here’s what others have asked before working with us.


Brand design typically takes about 4-6 weeks. Branding with web design takes about 8-12 weeks but will vary depending on the complexity and size of your website. Your time commitment will be about 1-4 hours per week as we'll be looking for ongoing design feedback along with some homework items throughout the process. Some clients are quick decision makers where as others need time to reflect and process. If you're the later, then we'll budget a little extra space in our project timeline. 




We do! We've built shops with a just a few products to full blown Shopify stores with hundreds of items for sale. To discuss your e-commerce needs, please reach out via our contact form.




A logo is one small component of a complete brand identity. Our process is comprehensive and not ideal for clients looking for just a logo. We truly believe we can best serve you through our Brand Design packages which include colour palette, typography styling, logo design, and more. Please refer to our Services page for more information. 




We work with Showit, Squarespace, Shopify, and WordPress websites built with the DIVI theme builder by Elegant Themes. For real estate clients, we use the My Real Page website builder or for custom WordPress the My Real Page or KV Core plugin. We also have experience working with WIX and WordPress Elementor.




Social Media Design can be quoted as an add-on to your Brand Design package. 




We've worked on projects requiring business cards, notepads, magnets, thank you cards, and even bus stop signs! We'll provide you with the final PDF files ready to be sent to your favourite printer. We'd be happy to provide a quote for print collateral as part of your Brand Design package. 




Yes! Once we decide on the deliverables in your project, we'll break down the amount into milestone payments. A deposit is required to book your project and any remaining amount is divided up in equal payments over the course of our time together. We accept electronic fund transfers and credit card payments. 


You’re so worthy of a new season in business and all that it holds for you. Let us create your cohesive brand and website so you can focus on doing more of the work you love.

Our nurturing and collaborative one-on-one design experiences are structured to provide you with the high-end, professional online presence you’ve been dreaming of.

Are you finally ready to share your tranformation with the world?

You’re business has grown and evolved but your brand identity is stuck at version 1.0.

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