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Let's tell your business story through a client-capturing visual identity.

Let's claim your space with a one-of-a-kind custom website.

Let's clarify your message with cohesive visuals.

Choose your one-ON-ONE Design adventure

You're in the right place so shall we get started?

My hunch is you came across my site in search of brand design services. Or maybe you are looking for web design help and someone referred you to me. However you found me, I'm so glad you are here!

What if you could end the design struggle and have a visual identity for your business that resonates with your Ideal Client?


You need help with the branding foundation and are confident you can DIY your website and social media from here.

You are launching a new brand or business and need help getting started with the overall look and feel.

You want to grow your business and need a cohesive brand that looks professional to step up your marketing game.

Branding is perfect for you if...

What's Included

Brand Discovery
Virtual Brand Meeting
Primary Wordmark Logo Design
Secondary Logo Design Concept
Colour, Font & Pattern selection
Brand assets of your choosing (opt-in PDF, business cards, media kit, social media graphics, etc.)

You'll walk away with a complete brand foundation and a clear strategy for visually communicating your business message. 

Assets you'll receive

Brand Style Guide

Logo files

Brand Asset Items of your choosing

Are you ready to capture the heart of your business through visual storytelling?

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A 3 to 4 Week custom Branding Experience


Your website is your 24-7-365 virtual sales person. What if you could feel confident that it is working hard for you so you can focus on what you do best?


You want to grow your business and need a client-capturing website to step up your marketing game and attract your dream clients.

You are launching a new brand or business and want to make a great first impression with purposeful web design.

You DIY'd your website and are ready for an upgrade that looks as professional as you are.

Web Design is perfect for you if...

What's Included

Brand Discovery
Virtual Strategy Meeting
Colour, Font & Pattern selection
Custom Website designed for desktop & mobile (Built on Showit, Wordpress with DIVI, Squarespace, or Shopify)
Search Engine Optimized
Website Training Session

You'll walk away with a responsive website that is easy to update and can adapt as your business grows. 

Assets you'll receive

Fully Responsive Website

Are you ready to see what an effective website can do for your business?

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A 4 to 6 Week custom Web Design Experience

Web Design

What if the same attention to detail that you provide your customers day in and day out was applied to the creative direction of your business?


You want to grow your business and need someone who can take care of all the details without having to bring on a full time designer.

You need help with your content creation tasks such as social media, newsletters, website maintenance and so much more. 

You understand the importance of consistency in your marketing efforts and need someone that can develop the overall creative vision.

Creative Direction is perfect for you if...

What's POssible

Brand & Product Photography or Photoshoot Direction
Social Media Editorial Calendar & Content Creation
Graphics & Template design 
Monthly Social Media reporting
Marketing Collateral 
Newsletter & PDF Design
Showit Training & Website Maintenance
Wordpress Training & Website Maintenance
and so much more!

You'll have peace of mind knowing you have someone on your team that can take care of all the little details. 

Assets you'll receive

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a Design & Content Creation Experience

Creative Direction

Shannon, pink moon jewelry

"I feel that I have a more cohesive and contemporary look that I am excited about. I am eager to create marketing materials and a website that I know I can be proud of. I feel that I can better compete in the jewelry market place."

Crystal, Talent collective

"We loved working with you and it was great to see your talent in action. From the design to the execution, all very well done."

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