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Gila Chaya Music

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Gila Chaya Music

Gila Chaya means ‘joy and life’, which is at the heart of her music. Gila’s vocals blend the sweet, nostalgic romance of traditional jazz with the vitality of world music and Latin rhythms. Her biggest challenge was "feeling motivated to get the project started. It's more challenging to promote yourself. Vanessa's process was so helpful and inspiring."

Worldly ~ Melodic ~ Sentimental ~ Expressive

Gila's design was inspired by "spring - primavera. There is a sentimental aftertaste of winter, but a blossoming hope for the coming summer." 

October 2020

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"Vanessa has a unique way of building a connection between the brand and person with colourful creativity. She has a really strong skill in listening to her clients - hearing more that what is said - bringing it to life!"

Gila Chaya

WordPress Web Design

Your website can connect with your audience even if your work isn't visual. When you land on Gila Chaya's new site, the imagery immediately takes you on a journey just as her live performances would.⁠

We used multiple images to communicate not only what she does - a vocalist & composer - but also how her music will make you feel.

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