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This semi-custom brand suggests a meticulous process and emphasizes a quality-driven transformation. Grainy imagery, refined script fonts, and a typewriter feel serif combines the raw with the refined.

Raw & Refined Semi-Custom Brand

$587 - only 3 available

3 | Implement & Celebrate

2 | Refine & receive

1 | Purchase & customize

How Does It Work? Here’s the Holistic Process.

the process

Upon purchase, you'll receive a form to share all the details for your brand. I'll customize the design in your scheduled week with all your details.  

You'll receive a preview of your semi-custom brand and will have 1 round of refinements to provide feedback before receiving final logo files.

You'll be ready to upload your new assets everywhere your brand shows up online. 

Buy this brand

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What's included?

Here’s what others have asked about the brand kits.


Customization of all the logo elements you see on this page in your brand name and colors. You'll receive one round of refinements to get the details just right, then I'll send you your brand files to implement everywhere you show up online. This includes PNG, SVG, and EPS files. Please note the photography you see on this page is from Elevae Visuals so image licensing is not included but I'll provide Canva instructions on how to replicate any photo effects used. You'll receive font and color specifications.



what if I don't want to share this design with others?

If you need a 100% exclusive to you design, simply purchase a quantity of 3 to ensure no one else will share the same branding.



What's the timeline? How quickly will I get my brand?

Upon purchase, you'll receive a form to fill out all your brand details along with a link to my studio work calendar. You'll be able to book in your project so you know exactly which week I'll be customizing your design. Spaces are booked first come, first served.