I’ve been working on a few new projects as of late and coming across some really beautiful Google font combinations. Today I wanted to share my current faves with you and how to use them in your next graphic or web design project! For those of you that are new to Google Fonts, it’s a […]

Looking for the perfect font combination is my favourite pass time

5 Beautiful Google Font Combinations for Your Unique Brand

Understanding your ideal client is such an important part of running a business. Without customers, it’s safe to assume your business won’t succeed. So, the better you know exactly who your ideal customer avatar is the better you can help serve them. That being said, at the early stages of any business, it can be […]

4 Things You Need to Know About Your Ideal Customer Avatar

The most important things to know about your Ideal Customer

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on values lately – what I stand for, why those things are important and what I want my small business core values to be. One of the recurring themes was around service and how it matters. Be generous, pay it forward, and care more. Give and serve. But […]

How to Define Your Small Business Core Values | Vanessa Bucceri Creative | Branding and Showit Web Design

How To Define Your Values and Get Clarity on Your Business

One of my favourite go-to places for branding inspiration is Pinterest. In fact, at the start of any branding project, I recommend my clients build their own mood board. What’s a mood board? Well, it’s simply a collection of images that represent the overall look and feel of your business. But, before you get started, […]

How to use Pinterest for Branding Inspiration | Vanessa Bucceri Creative | Brand Strategy and Showit Web Design

How to Use Pinterest for Branding Inspiration

How to make a strong emotional connection with your audience – the psychology of branding for your business. Why you need a Brand Identity How do others relate to your business? Just like individuals have personalities, your brand also has personality traits. It is the job of your brand identity – your logo, colours, type […]

How to Make a Strong Connection Using the Psychology of Branding

How to Create a Strong, Emotional Connection through Psychology of Branding

To make a positive first impression with your business, your brand must do two things well right from the start. Amy Cuddy, a Harvard Business professor spent 15+ years studying the topic. Her findings are discussed in the book Storybrand by Donald Miller, my latest pickup from the local library. Heads up, this is an […]

How to Make a Remarkable First Impression with your Business | Vanessa Bucceri Creative | Branding and Web Design

How to make a Remarkable First Impression with your Business

Have you ever wondered how a design came to be? I find it fascinating to see what inspired a work of art. I love to hear how a designer can take a word, object or image as a starting off point to creating something so special. Today I hope to inspire you by sharing a […]

Branding & Wed Design | Vanessa Bucceri Creative

How to find Inspiration for your Personal Brand

One of the hardest jobs of a business owner is finding the people you are here to help. We all have a product or a service but what will ultimately decide our success or our failure is the ability to find the right customers. The secret to attracting those clients is an Ideal Customer Profile. […]

Should I actually bother with an Ideal Customer Profile?

Should I actually bother with an Ideal Customer Profile | Vanessa Bucceri Creative

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